quality ADULT mood ring
The only mood ring that actually fits!

quality ADULT mood ring

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Mood Ring for grownups

 Why should the little tykes have all the fun? It's the grownups who need to have their moods monitored. Here's a nicely made mood ring which will fit your grown-up finger. Changes colors as expected. NOTICE: We discovered that the color descriptions that come with it contain humorous "adult" comments, so if you are getting this for a tween or a younger female relative, be advised. The color meanings can be easily googled so you could just throw out the packaging and just put the ring in her stocking? Besides that, it's not for younger children as it would be a choking hazard for them, although why your kid would eat a mood ring is beyond me. Then again my son put BB's in his ear one time. NOW ON SALE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST


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