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Men are on these strip pens
Naked dude tip-and-strip pen

Men are on these strip pens

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Our #GG1223 Naked Man Strip Tease pen

The tip-action pen people in Holland (who have been making these pens since before you could write) - The "naked lady" strip pens are so popular, now they've got pens with naked men on them. But of course shrinking the picture down to fit in a pen also shrinks their junk. It's still an amusing diversion, and these new ones are bigger and write better.

Actual pens do not have those Easter eggs covering the naughty bits of course.(These are the good pens from Holland, accept no imitations) 

NOTE: Be careful around these. Teresa likes to do a "test scribble and click" on these to make sure we send out 100% quality, unfortunately she left one on my desk, I grabbed it on my way out the door, the lamp was off- I ended up taking it to my night job. If the guys had seen, I would never had heard the end of it. We are also careful not to get them mixed up when shipping!

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