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Deluxe Grab bag value pack
Surprise High Value Grab Bag from the Restless Mouse 2017

Deluxe Grab bag value pack

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#JD0300 Mystery Grab Bag - never boring... only $3.99

 Some say that most of the fun is in the anticipation. I remember buying a surprise bag at a beachside tourist shop when I was a kid, and being horribly traumatized by the contents. It made me what I am today; bitter and cynical. 

But I digress. Our surprise bags are guaranteed to be an excellent value; The actual value of these grab bags vary, but it's a LOT more than three bucks; There is our money-back guarantee, so you have little to lose and much cool stuff to gain. 
What's inside
We get all kinds of sample products in the mail (everybody has a great idea, you know). Sometimes we buy samples or small lots of things to investigate. Then there's this; we run low on things we can't get anymore, or that we are not planning to carry anymore (Gotta keep it fresh) Once in a blue moon we get to buy out someone's closing inventory. Then... there are some items in there, I have no idea.
So we have several bins of items for this purpose, and we go nuts filling these grab bags. Sometimes one of the kids wander in and I will say something like, "Fill this bag with things starting with the letter "L". The upshot is, get merchandise worth MUCH MUCH MORE than what your grab bag cost. Take a chance, have some fun!


NOT ALWAYS A BAG- Your grab bag may come in a paper sack, a box, a plastic bag, or no packaging at all. It may be just a few higher value items or many smaller items. 

INSPECT CONTENTS- Grab Bags may include scissors or other items not safe for small children.
GRAB BAG RETURNS- If you are returning a grab bag you must return the entire contents, for a full refund - I can't imagine anyone returning one of these though, you are sure to find enough stuff you like in there to make it worthwhile. 
LIMIT ONE- One grab bag per order, it's supposed to be for fun, not profit, on this item. But we really lose our shirts on these, so we gotta limit that. 
About the grab bag rating
Most of our merchandise is what you would find at a very quirky dollar store somewhere in the midwest (If we had a storefront there would be a creepy old guy giving teenagers the evil eye (potential shoplifters!) and listening to Lum & Abner on what appears to be an old AM tube radio.) Any grab bag will probably include an "ugly bag" or a "BS bag" because that's the bag we use to contain the other stuff. The "regular" grab bag, will not include "sexy" stuff or nudity, but still some items are not suitable for kids (Choking hazards, etc.).
The naughty bits
There are a few items featuring nudity in our stock, those pens where the tiny ladies (or men) have their clothes fall off when you flip them over, and there are things that have bad words on them, maybe even some of the bachelorette party junk... Things that could make your aunt who plays backup organ at the Presbytarian Youth Center faint dead away. So the little radio buttons above for "rating", default setting is "regular" for a standard assortment, Choose "include naughty bits" instead if you don't mind the possibility of these items being included.  Choose "none" if you just don't care what it is, that's your best bet. 



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