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BS Bag

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Single brown paper bullshit bag

Bagging BS for fun and profit; One BS bag

Just a brown paper bag imprinted with all manner of clever BS. For example, every bag includes this warning: "Not for use by congress. This bag is neither strong enough nor large enough to hold the BS they produce." In theory, the idea is to capture the bullshit people are producing, perhaps to reuse as fertilizer?

Our low price is for ONE B.S. Bag. Apparently some people only need one bag. It must be nice to live in a relatively BS free world.

However, when in multiples of ten, they are bagged with an eye-catching blue on white header, for resale on a rack. These are great for walking your bulldog also. Special offer for people who were so bored they read this whole ad; put FREE BS BAG in the comments of your next order, and we will just GIVE you one of these. And that's not BS..