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Retro vase looks like Mr. Eames vomited!

I am so pleased to have found my Ugly Vase. I call her Velma.

Found it at a thrift store years ago, bought specifically to annoy my wife. I would put it in various places around the house Teresa would move it the edge of a shelf and then stomp around. There is a 50 cent price tag on the bottom from when she tried to sneak it into our yard sale.

Municipalities have paid tens of thousands for sculptures that are essentially larger versions of this thing. I would like to know who made it, and why.

Apparently, it has been stashed in my daughter’s closet for several years, but I have dusted it off and display it proudly, much to Teresa’s dismay. Not if I could just find some of those light-up fake roses.

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The Shoddy Sneaker Scenario

Don't bother us about your shoddy sneakers! We don't even sell shoes!
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