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Bill Clinton Commemorative DL
Bill Clinton Presidential ID

Bill Clinton Commemorative DL

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If there is one thing I have learned in my years in the novelty/souvenir business, it's that "parody" always sells better than "Commemorative" - That's why the supplier I got these from had some of these "Bill Clinton Driver's Licenses" left. There is no mention of Monica, it doesn't even take the easy route to a jab, under "sex" it simply says M. Under RESTRICTION it says Rhodes Scholar. How is that a restriction? A parody license would have said "Hillary".
On the back there is a list of accomplishments of the Clinton years, sure to start a discussion, or maybe a fistfight. 
Yet, it's a fun item for any political souvenir collection, or to torment your republican uncle by putting it in his wife's purse.

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