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Customer Care/Returns


DID YOU get the wrong item or quantity? Is something kinda shoddy? Is it taking too long? Contact us and we will make it right. Here’s our customer service policy;

RETURNS. Generally, we will refund the original amount paid including up to $5 of the original shipping, (see below)- if you tell us you want to return it within 90 days of the day we ship the product. No reason needed.

SERVICE WITH A FROWN: Why? Having unhappy customers makes us unhappy. I usually mumble, Teresa makes faces; blame will be assigned, people get defensive. But that’s all behind the scenes stuff. (This is why we don’t have a bricks & mortar store.)

IMPORTANT: Please email or call us before returning anything. Here’s why;

  • Some items may be expensive to ship, so we might ask you to return only a portion
    of the defective product, or work out something.
  • Some items may need to be returned to other addresses. (Manufacturer’s Warranty)

 In many or most cases you will have your choice of refund or replacement. Other times we will be at the end of the line for item(s) you purchased, so if we are completely out then of course we can only refund.

 PLEASE NOTE that you don’t need a reason, If your ferret can’t wear it, If your husband the car salesman says “Everything must GO regardless of profit or loss!”, If you bought it as a gift for someone but you can’t give it because of the restraining order, WE DON’T CARE. Customer satisfaction is the thing.

 Now about that SHIPPING REFUND; We will refund the shipping you paid us, up to $5.00, in addition to the product refund; if it’s only a partial return we will refund part of the shipping. Returning the item(s) is generally at your expense. We may go beyond these promises in the interest of customer service at our discretion.

 So what are we doing about it?

We have a plan (policy?) That we revise often. We call it the C.R.A.P. (The Complaint Reduction Action Plan) You are welcome to take a look at our CRAP.